Hover.css Integrated

SaaSPro comes with Hover.css integrated directly into the theme. A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects to be applied to links, buttons, logos, SVG, featured images and so on. Easily apply to your own elements.

Below are example buttons that show what each hover effect can do.


2D Transitions

Grow Shrink Pulse Pulse Grow Pulse Shrink Push Pop Bounce In Bounce Out Rotate


Grow Rotate Float Sink Bob Hang Skew Skew Forward Skew Backward Wobble Horizontal Wobble Vertical


Wobble To Bottom Right Wobble To Top Right Wobble Top Wobble Bottom Wobble Skew Buzz Buzz Out

Background Transitions

Fade Back Pulse Sweep To Right Sweep To Left Sweep To Bottom Sweep To Top Bounce To Right Bounce To Left Bounce To Bottom Bounce To Top


Radial Out Radial In Rectangle In Rectangle Out Shutter In Horizontal Shutter Out Horizontal Shutter In Vertical Shutter Out Vertical


Font icons courtesy of FontAwesome. How to use FontAwesome icons with Hover.css.

Icon Back Icon Forward Icon Down Icon Up Icon Spin Icon Drop Icon Fade Icon Float Away Icon Sink Away Icon Grow


Icon Shrink Icon Pulse Icon Pulse Grow Icon Pulse Shrink Icon Push Icon Pop Icon Bounce Icon Rotate Icon Grow Rotate Icon Float


Icon Sink Icon Bob Icon Hang Icon Wobble Horizontal Icon Wobble Vertical Icon Buzz Icon Buzz Out

Border Transitions

Border Fade Hollow Trim Ripple Out Ripple In Outline Out Outline In Round Corners Underline From Left


Underline From Center Underline From Right Reveal Underline Reveal Overline Reveal Overline From Left Overline From Center Overline From Right

Shadow and Glow Transitions

Shadow Grow Shadow Float Shadow Glow Shadow Radial Box Shadow Outset Box Shadow Inset

Speech Bubbles

Bubble Top Bubble Right Bubble Bottom Bubble Left Bubble Float Top Bubble Float Right Bubble Float Bottom Bubble Float Left


Curl Top Left Curl Top Right Curl Bottom Right Curl Bottom Left

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